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Meet Our Crew

Updated: Feb 17

Ernie Vaughn-Store Owner/President

Founder of the business, Ernie turned a long-time hobby into a successful pond and water garden business. Ernie is Anna's father, John's father-in-law and Colby's grandpa. Ernie runs the store, helps customers and helps maintain the grounds. He also cares for many reptiles- which we hope will soon be part of an exhibit at the store.

John Bruder-Store Owner/Vice President

John installs ponds and waterfalls for our customers and assists them in bringing their dream pond vision to life. He also offers consults, upgrades, and maintenance. John is a movie buff- he can recommend the best movies to watch.

Anna Bruder- Partner/Social Media Sorceress

Anna manages several social media pages as well as marketing and event planning. Anna enjoys spending time with family (she is married to John and they have 3 children) as well as relaxing watching Netflix or reading a good book.

Colby Bruder-Chief Engineer of Imaginative Ideas & Fish Tamer

Colby has been a part of Fairview from the start. He is Ernie's grandson and John and Anna's son. He loves all the fish and showing customers around. He also contributes fresh ideas for the store and Country Park. Colby enjoys computer games and playing outside.

Cordie Kale- Can-do Man

The newest part of the Fairview family, Cordie oversees fish operations, keeps the grounds maintained and helps customers. Cordie enjoys acting and djing and is looking forward to all the opportunities Fairview has to offer.




Address: 231 Griggs Rd

Six Mile, SC 29682

Phone: (864) 868-9805

Email: anna@fairviewwatergardens.com



Thursday-Saturday 11a.m. to 6p.m.

or call for an appointment

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